Happy Valentine’s to every Love Story!

Goli believes that as much as Valentine’s is about love and intimacy between a couple, it should also be a time when all other love stories are celebrated as well!

So here’s to you,

The bunch of crazy friends who have become like family,

The best friends who’ve stuck with each other through thick & thin,

The shy guy and girl holding hands for the 1st time,

The nervous man on one knee and his beauty that holds his heart,

The loving husband and his ever-supporting wife,

The hard-working father and mother with the greatest miracles in their lives,

The 3-generation families who none would be complete without the other,

And everyone else with your own unique relationship you have with the people in your life.

Here’s to the celebration of Love that lives in every relationship of your life!

No story is too small to celebrate.

With lots of love…


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