New Website With A New Look!

It’s just after Chinese New Year and we hope all our Chinese friends had a blast during this festive season.

Now for our announcement…

We have changed our website!

There’s a new look to it and we’re really proud to say that it’s definitely more us.

The main difference you’ll see is of course the look and feel of the website.

We’ve also updated our images to our more current style of shooting and post-processing.  We removed the sets of individual weddings and only put up favourites on our website.  Sets of images from individual weddings can be view on Facebook and our Blog, and those are definitely more current.

We have added a new gallery section to our website called “Lifestyle”, which contains favourites from maternity sessions and family portraits.  It’s really heartwarming and encouraging to see our dear couples start their families, and when they need someone to document that, they immediately come to us.

Next, which is one of my favourites, is the change in our email address at which our couples reach us.  Previously, our email was “”.  In light of the “non-wedding” shoots that we’ve done and are going to do, we decided to change that.  We brainstormed for a bit, keeping in mind that we wanted even our email address to reflect who we are.  Of course, we thought of “”, similar to what many of our peers in the industry are using.  Nope, that’s not us and it’s too common.  “” sounded too much like SingTel’s shop and “” didn’t really click with us.  Finally, Oli thought of “” and I went… “YES!!!  That’s it!”  So there we have it, our new email address ““.  Our old email address is still in use, so don’t worry about not being able to reach us from there.

Finally, we revealed more about ourselves in the “About Us” section of the website, things that we have never posted before on the internet.  Take a read, and I’m sure your eyes will be “opened”. =)

Look out for more news in the weeks to come.  2011 is definitely going to be an exciting year for PhotosByMarbles!

P.S.  We’ve also added our very own mini icon for that you can see at your browser’s URL bar.  Ain’t it cool?!  😉

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