Revealing: Your Love. Your Story.

Goli is counting down to March 2011, when we share an exciting development to PhotosByMarbles!

For now, we’d like to share with you what goes through our minds when we photograph our couples and families.

If you have noticed, many of our new album shares talk about the love story of each couple. That’s because over the years, we’ve realized that that has what we have treasured most with each and every couple and family we’ve had the privilege of photographing. Their Love Story.

PhotosByMarbles was born out of our very own Love Story, so we know that each every Love Story is different, unique and each representing the different paths each of them has traveled and where they will be heading.

No two weddings or shoots are the same nor should they be the same, because no two couples are the same. Even though some in the industry may have become jaded, satisfied to follow a set of routines, we always remind our couples and ourselves that no matter what, to always make it yours. Even if it’s the smallest of changes, like deciding in your minds to enjoy yourself and the company of each other.

That’s when we get to see our couples at their best, allowing all around them to see, the love & chemistry that they share and the qualities they adore in each other. These are moments when we get a glimpse into the relationship built between these individuals, looks that are exchanged, playful teasing, jokes that will never fail to make them laugh, are moments that make them… them!

And that’s where we come in, preserving those moments. Taking in everything that’s you through our eyes and telling your story with what we do best, through moments that we’ve captured not just with our camera but with our heart as well.

At the end, what we truly hope to share is Your Love. Your Story.

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