October Best!

It’s October! And it means many things for us here at PhotosByMarbles.

For one, it means that PhotosByMarbles will be turning 5 just before Halloween! And what an adventure it’s been! With Gene’s 1st foray into weddings being just a little over 5 years ago and Oli’s 1st little tip-toe into the big, deep blue sea of weddings almost 15 years before, we’ve really come a long way.

We’re really thankful to all of our couples, families & friends who have blessed us in so many ways and we thank God everyday for allowing us to be part of so many beautiful & joyous celebrations, bearing witness so many unique stories of love.

Which brings us to what else this particular October means to us…

We didn’t want to have this celebration to just be between the 2 of us, and since October starts off the last quarter of the year, leading us to the season of giving, we thought of sharing the love with everyone out there.

If you remember, we brought up the topic of ‘Inspirational Love’ a few weeks ago on our facebook page.

Today, we’ll let the cat’s head out of the bag! (but no, not the whole body).

We’re looking for stories of inspirational love. We’ve seen so many different stories of love and as unique as each one has been, they have all been really inspirational to us.

So we want you to not just be inspired like us but to inspire others as well. We want you to share with us and everyone out there a story of such inspirational love that it may well touch someone else, giving them hope and encouragement that there is such love out there.

Well… we hope that’s piqued your interest!

We’ll be releasing details in our next post so stay tuned & spread the word ‘cos it’s a case of the more the merrier!!!

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