Tell Us Your Love. Tell Us Your Story.

So last we were here, we said we want you to share with us (and everyone) a story about inspirational love.

We’ve been blessed to capture so many stories of love these past 5 years and we hope to pay it forward and inspire as many hearts as we can, like how every unique love we’ve witnessed has inspired us.
This is why we would like you to share your story with us. Your story of a love that has melted your heart, moved you to tears, most importantly, inspired you to love with that same kind of love.

From today till Christmas, our special mailbox will be open to receive your stories of inspirational love.
We’ll then be sharing excerpts of your beautiful stories on our social media outlets (facebook, blog & twitter) so that hearts out there may be encouraged.

It’s going to be a little different each month so that as many different stories as possible can be shared, so get ready to tell your story of love as a couple, family or the best of friends. No story is too small.

Since October is the month when we got together to become what you know as Marbles, we want start off with all you lovebirds! If you’re a couple in the midst of dating, engagement, or marriage, we would like you to tell us about that special & unique love that has brought you to where you are now.

It may be about that love that makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.
Or the love that lets you know that you were just made for each other.

If it’s a kind of love that you want others to know that it’s possible to have, start typing and (yes, that’s our special email address for your entries!). Melt our hearts!

We’ve got some surprises for these stories that inspire! We can’t tell you everything, else it won’t be a surprise. But what we can tell you is that at the end of the month, there will be at least 1 early Christmas pressie from us!

We look forward to reading all your stories!

P.S. Some guidelines…
Tell Goli your story only at
Tell Goli in no more than 200 words.
Feel free to show Goli a photo of the both of you.
Leave Goli your real name (and pseudo name if you’re shy to have your real name published).
Check your email in case Goli has some questions for you.
Keep a lookout to see if Goli publishes an excerpt of your story!

When pure emotion takes the moment, We take the chance. Turn up the quiet, Love wants to dance ~Love Dance, George Benson

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