Telling Your Love. Telling Your Story. – Zhenyuan & Rachael

For those of you who know about ‘The 5 Love Languages’ (See Here!), you would have most probably tried to find out what’s yours.

Well, Goli thinks that with what Zhenyuan & Rachael have shared with us, ‘Acts of Service’ & ‘Receiving Gifts’ should speak quite well about the relationship they share together.

In all their time together, one thing that has kept them going (through school, National Service & life in general) has been love shared through one-of-a-kind, hand-made cards from Zhenyuan.

As Rachael tells, “There is one thing I know I have in my relationship, which makes me very proud of Yuan, is his efforts in making cards for me. He inspired me and made me realize how much true love could do.“

Many times love is really just about the simple things in life. And knowing how to look for and treasure those things is one great way to keep reminding ourselves how great we have it!

“Our love proves that you don’t need expensive dates at restaurants, or lots of branded bags or watches to be happy.”

We know that what keeps us together is different with every couple. Like they say, one man’s medicine may be another man’s poison. That’s because we’re all wonderfully unique, no two are the same!

So, have you found that one special thing that you share with your significant other that keeps you going through good times & bad? If it’s not yet, we hope Zhenyuan & Rachel’s story has encouraged you just like it has for us.

“The world is ever-changing. But one thing never changed; our laughter, our sense of humor, our commitment, and most importantly our love.”

Cheers & with lots of love!

As an expression of our gratitude for their lovely & uplifting story, Goli presents Zhenyuan & Rachael with a very special portrait session.
Goli’s gift to you as we celebrate our 5th anniversary as Goli. 🙂

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