A not obviously weddingy photo…

This is a page from Wee Ching & Huili’s album that I did recently. It’s something that I honestly don’t really do all the time but this time, it felt really appropriate for them.

I’ve decided to blog about this instead of all the other images from their wedding that I love, to share yet another perspective that Gene & I have when we participate in our couple’s wedding day.

Personally, this set of images brings back lots of memories for me.
To the days of when I did commercial shoots & basically everything non-wedding. Where each image I produced had all the heart & art I could muster up but it would still lack something that at that time, I couldn’t put my finger on…

Today, every abstract & still that Gene & I capture becomes so much more than just a picture of an object. We get the chance to showcase items that we learn will not only tell a story on it’s surface but will invoke an avalanche of ‘mini-stories’ of their own.

And what blows us away every time are the cascade of stories and even more memories that will flood back each time these moments are relived, because if we are privileged to the ones we know, how many more are there that’s just shared between our couple.

Just like the items in the set above, which each have their own little tale to tell. Like how the pot of flowers would tell you about how Wee Ching & Huili’s friends spent a good portion of time in the sun to set up the place perfectly for them and how the fabulous food would tell you about how they came to pick such a lovely place for their reception.

Not every picture has to have a veil/tiara/rings to make it a wedding picture… They should celebrate you and the day you had! Help you remember the great times and trigger memories. That’s what flipping through your pictures should do! (at least that’s what we want our pictures of your day to do :P)

Fantastic! And exciting!

So here’s to more stories that start that cascade of great memories!

We know it’s going to be different for everyone. Because everyone is special. Because it’s Your Love, Your Story. And we look forward to being there with you.


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