Reminiscing… Shaun & Jeanette’s Wedding Day

Every now & then, we go through our portfolio to pull out stuff, stick in new stuff, move stuff around… You get the idea.

And it also means it’s clearing & archiving the archives and numerous harddisks we have to make more space for new projects. ( By the way, if you didn’t know, I made Gene name all the different harddisks so that I would know which one to suck info out of when he sticks stuff in for me 😛 )

Some of the images that I’ve been going through still give me the goosies, so I decided to share them with everyone, especially since most of these have not been shared before! It’s also a fantabulous kick for me to get us blogging again.

So enjoy as I keep digging through our hoard and sharing some golden eggs with you along the way.


Do the Hamster!

All important sustenance for the bridal party.


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