It’s not all about Weddings??? – Graduation Fun!

Very often, when we meet people for the 1st time, we get asked, do you only shoot weddings?

Well… No.

You guys who have been following us for sometime know that both Gene & myself started photography as an interest. And this interest has actually brought to us some interesting projects.

We’ve done an interior design shoot for a group of properties, food photography for a Chinese fine dining restaurant, some small scale product photography, pro bono mission events overseas and gigs too.
I’ve also had the privilege to cover a private charity fashion show years ago and even corporate photography for a tertiary institution.

Fun stuff which broadened our horizons and made us all the more love what we do today, which is what we like to tell people as ‘be at any occasion where we get to capture emotions’.

So yeah, it’s not really all about weddings.
However, with that said, weddings are a big part of us for 1 simple reason. It’s people going through a smorgasbord of emotions. So many stories to capture & share!

Sooooooooo….. what else have we been doing?
This post, we’ll share a ‘Graduation’ shoot we did. Yup… Grad shoot.
Totally not your typical ‘stand in the studio & act stiff’ kind but we took it outdoors and asked our girls to do what’s them.

It was fun! Fried our brains a little because of the different dynamics but yeah! Great times with great girls, girls who also showed us their grit and determination to get through their courses, tests, exams and all sorts of student horror all while holding down jobs, balancing family and keeping up with friends.
Stuff everyday heros are made of.

Well, no more talk, let me (attempt to) attach as many images as I can before I fly out of town.


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