We’re 6! And we’re inviting you to celebrate with us!


It’s been another great year for us where we’ve been able to meet more fantastic people, make more fabulous friends & have even more mind-blowing shoots with all those fantastic & fabulous loves!
And we want to say thank you for everything!

Which is why we’re so excited to share with you what we have up our sleeves for you!

First off, we’ve got our new, prettied-up rate cards for you. (Take a peek here) We’ve simplified our packages while adding some new options so that it’s easier for you to pick & choose what works best for you.

Next up? Our new specials which we will be offering for a limited time. So choose your favourite from our 3 offerings and let us know asap so that we can ‘chope’ it for you!

1. The Ultimate Goli Experience Bridals & AD Combo
You get our Full Blast Fine Art Package that has 2 same-day local portrait sessions and our Full Day Actual Day Photography Fine Art Package by Goli.
With all captures returned on your very own personalised DVD and our gorgeous Fine Art Albums to keep.
You get to save more than S$1000 off this combo and we are also gifting you a beautiful canvas print of your most favourite image.
Cool stuff!

2. 15% off Goli-powered Portrait & Actual Day Photography combinations
We know how much it means for you to be able to find packages that fit your needs, so this special will allow you to mix & match our any of our Portrait Packages with any of our AD packages by Goli.
You can go for a full day of engagement portraits with us and have us there for your 2 hour ROM,
or have some fun family time while sealing some memories to last with our 3 hour portrait package in addition to having us there for your big bang ah gong’s birthday party…
The possibilities go on!
So booking any of the possible Goli-powered combinations will get you 15% off both packages.
Start mixing it up!

3. Since it’s Marbles’ 6th Birthday…
Any single Goli-powered package that you choose will get you 6% off the package price.
So you don’t need to stress about which combination to make if you’re just looking for something specific. Just choose that one Goli package that you’ve been eyeing, confirm with us and get your special gift from us!
No hesitation required.

Now what if you are thinking of some out of the country exploits you might ask…
We’ve got special plans for those too!
But because countries out there are vast and too numerous to list, we invite you to meet us for a chat so that we can share with you what we can do for your destination dreams.

What do you do now?
Drop us an email at AskGoli@photosbymarbles.com and let us know what you’re looking for or if you would like to drop by to have a chat with us.
We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and arm you with as much info as you’ll need.

So come on! Hop hop hop to it!
(Or you can roll to it like us marbles too. :P)


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