Your memories. Your Stories.

This was taken quite some time ago
but it still very much is one image that always brings a smile to our faces.

Firstly because it was such a joy working with Chris & Joy’s family & friends to pull off this shot!
We were spoilt for choice when having to choose from the many hilarious ones they had.
And a great choice it was as we still, to this day, have almost all our couples who flip through our copy of their album, comment about how rad this shot is!

Next, our first meeting with Joy is most memorable!
She met us on one of her treasured trips back to Singapore, with the only available day being the 2nd morning after our wedding, just before we checked out of our hotel!
From our email talks with her beforehand, we knew her time in Singapore was really tight and we really understood the importance of her spending with family, friends and tying up all the other loose ends for the Singapore leg of their wedding.
So we kept it from her that we were getting married 2 days before our appointment and that that was the reason why we were meeting her at our hotel.

Well, she was most surprised and thought she was inconveniencing us, but we then explained everything to her. Also, hey! We were pumped as at that time, we didn’t have a place of our own to meet clients in and that day, we had a fabulous suite to meet & chat in! Haha!

Over time, we’ve done many more setups similar to this, and so have many other people too.
But now you know why, when you flip through our studio albums with us, we have that special smile on our faces. The memories that our couple’s images stir up in our minds & hearts.

And that’s what we want for you to experience as well!
That when you go through your album, scroll through your images, you don’t just flip through photos, but relive memories.
Memories not just of that moment, but also of the moments that have led up to that point in time.

Making that experience even greater? You, being able to witness friends & family relive those happy, hilarious & heartfelt moments together with you.

Your love, and your story, to share with all who matter.

And The Goli Experience to bring you there.

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