Legally Married! Zhi Rong & Sihui’s ROM

We spent last Christmas Eve with Zhi Rong & Sihui as they celebrated their customary wedding (Chinese gate crash games, super slurpy tea ceremony & yummy wedding banquet).
But before that, we also spent a wonderful afternoon with them as they sealed their union before a small group of family and close friends and signed their lives together with a (very popular) Justice of Peace present.

So before we share with you their Customary  Wedding Day images, we thought we would share with you some of our favourite from their ROM (Registry of Marriage) day.

This was one of my (Oli) 1st few ‘have a go at it yourself’ weddings.
Gene & I then worked together on their portraits as per their request for some of our Goli Experience Bridal Portrait excursions. 🙂

Their ROM was filled with little personal touches,
wedding favours for their loved ones, hand-made signs, a polaroid wall slowly filled with polaroids taken that afternoon and also a dance in with their friends!

After their ‘I Dos’, we even got to sit down with all of them for a yummy vegetarian lunch
(Sihui is vegetarian and Jordan became one just for her!!! Awwwww…)
and listen to friends share their great memories of the couple with the whole party,
and also their heartfelt wishes for their future together.

It’s always awesome to be part of such love shared and even more awesome to be asked back to spend their wedding day with them.

So till the next post with their wedding day images…. 🙂

Handmade Details

Wedding Favours

Friends & Family - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Beauty - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Getting Ready

Groom Gets Ready - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Having Fun

The Dance In! - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Finale! - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

In this together - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

You & Me - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Ring Exchange - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Done Deal - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Vows from the Heart - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Sealed with a Kiss - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Friend Time - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Polaroid Love - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Sunshine Kiss at the Barrage - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Rated PG - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Tiffany Blue Love - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Jump Shot - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Sunset Love Flare - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

The Kiss - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Looking Glass - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Kites are in the air! - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui

Super Couple! - PBM ZhiRong&SiHui


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