Tonny & Pauline’s Bridals Part 2! Having Fun in School!

Part 2 of 3 of Tonny & Pauline’s Bridals!

First we saw them having fun in and around Changi Airport.
See post here!

Now we present their fun in school where they met & still work,
with the students who love them so much that they came back during their holidays (in uniform too!) to join in our shoot.

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0022_zps734225e5.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0021_zpsbd4a5704.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0019_zps2d04af56.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0020_zps6647ad83.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0016_zps3788a59e.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0017_zps999fcdb5.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0013_zps405ed47c.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0014_zpsa6e9b029.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0015_zps04a33923.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0018_zps714f431d.jpg

And here’s more from our morning with nature.
With spectacular views, dreamy morning mist and crazy drivers on the road… 😛

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0005_zps12532f0a.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0006_zps9c65d968.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0004_zps15b8c757.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0003_zps4e5d0618.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0008_zpsd75e6919.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0010_zps1c2ce327.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0011_zps95fbdffc.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0009_zpsc775925e.jpg
 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0007_zps699d371f.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0012_zps1729956c.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0001_zps198315ba.jpg

 photo PBMTonnyPaulineBlog_0002_zps10541380.jpg

Look out for part 3 where we venture into the night lights of Singapore!


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