Andrew & Soo Mei’s Wedding Day Love

After spending such great times together planning their Bridal shoot with them and galavanting around the island on shoot day itself,
we couldn’t help but look forward to spending an even greater love-filled day with Andrew & Soo Mei.

It was simple but yet elegant affair filled with fun & love that could only be them in every way.
With the 1st clue being a briefcase filled with ‘important items’ hand-cuffed to the best man!
We were in for a day that looked safe and typical on paper but in reality, was filled with little details that truly represented who they are as people and as a couple.

From a morning spent getting ready in the midst of friends & family,
speeding off (literallly) to church to become man & wife,
tea ceremonies filled with laughing people
to a simple, lovely dinner celebration overflowing (again, literallly!) with guests at the gorgeous Shangri la.

So we start with a morning getting ready, surrounded by the people who loved them the most, family and for Soo Mei, her closest friends.

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0001_zps15ca2137.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0002_zps404b468a.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0003_zps5cfeb0db.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0004_zps09c46463.jpg

We love finding family pictures when we venture around family homes.
It allows us to find pictures of love, then & now.

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0005_zpsf1fdd41b.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0006_zps187d58f1.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0007_zps587563c0.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0008_zps96e06072.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0009_zpsb35704fb.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0010_zps87f97399.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0011_zpsbd0905f1.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0012_zps6c88b324.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0013_zpsdc755e5c.jpg
Security first!
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0014_zpscefc47d4.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0015_zps84a4d134.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0016_zpsd5c6ebba.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0017_zps9160bf52.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0018_zps75ff47f9.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0019_zps4474c999.jpg

After Andrew picked up his very beautiful Soo Mei,
it was a mad dash to church to make it there in time.
A dash sooooo mad that we actually lost sight of their car for a while
(thanks to their extremely super chauffeur!)
but we all (yes, including them) managed to arrive in church filled with awaiting guests just in time…

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0020_zps9af75eac.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0021_zps8bc2e046.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0022_zps532e0320.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0023_zps0cf460c2.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0024_zpse2719b31.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0025_zps7b52894a.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0026_zps53198e8e.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0027_zps7ed708ab.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0028_zps61d62bdd.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0029_zps87f4ae3d.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0030_zpsc75577e3.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0031_zpsd7efc927.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0032_zpsde6e179b.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0033_zpsab673050.jpg

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0034_zpse02526f9.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0035_zps0515d586.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0036_zps4a9ec37f.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0037_zps29226ec1.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0038_zpse7a045e8.jpg
The family dog will never be left out!
Here’s the little boy joining in the festivities to find out what all the laughter was about.

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0039_zpse79616ba.jpg  photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0040_zps28bb91b5.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0041_zpsfc916e18.jpg

It always melts our hearts and humbles us greatly when we get to witness moments like these.
Where our couples get to spend a small part of the day with family members who can’t join in the full day of celebrations for some reason or other.
And in this case, it truly left us feeling so happy to be able to capture these moments of Soo Mei & Andrew with Soo Mei’s granny.
And to be able to see her granny’s smile to see her in her kua and to accept their offer of tea to her.
Momentous memories.

 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0042_zps7def45f3.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0043_zps21c91dbc.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0044_zps46a0ca8f.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0045_zpsd618a700.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0046_zps431af142.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0047_zpsca0160ee.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0048_zps9aab2da7.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0049_zps62da0f7e.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0050_zps4da05ac2.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0051_zps1021221a.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0052_zps0695330d.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0053_zps0195c480.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0054_zps9c4ed31d.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0055_zps6c06005e.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0056_zpsc1efa598.jpg
 photo PBMAndrewSooMeiBlog_0057_zps14523a27.jpg

We featured this on our facebook page sometime back.
If you look carefully, there are 4 rings to their set, with 2 engagement rings.
There’s no sad or scandalous story to them, but a rather adorable & slightly hilarious reason why.

Well, the story is their’s to tell, but what we can say is that 1 of their engagement rings truly represents them, their love and what they believe in. 🙂



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