Ian & Mel’s Wedding Day

We’ve known Ian & Mel for sometime now, having been in church together for the last few years.
Mel was the secretary of our Pastor who married us! Always helping us sort out our pre-marriage counselling appointments! 😀
And Ian, helps out with graphic design in church & is a bassist with the band too! How cool is that?

This connection with them made us all the more humbled & thankful that they asked us to be part of their special day.

Just like our time with them during their Engagement Session,
their wedding day was a time of learning more new facets about their chemistry, their love for each other and their love for family & friends.
To watch as a very quiet Ian take in the moments of his gorgeous bride get dolled up (don’t ask us why they were in the same room, ask them!),
and seeing friends roll in & out, chatting & sharing a few laughs, turning nervous smiles into hearty chuckles,
it thoroughly warmed our hearts to be there with them.

It was also a great time for us to experience a great mix of traditions & cultures with Ian & Mel’s families mixing it up, bringing in traditions from Ian’s Filipino roots (like the marching in of Ian, his parents & their sponsors) & Mel’s choices of Chinese traditions to their day.
(And boy were we excited to have this experience on home soil after our adventures covering a big bang wedding in Manila awhile ago. Totally opposite from Ian & Mel’s super cosy & intimate wedding celebrations! Maybe we’ll blog about that some time later!)

It also didn’t hurt to see the very suave Ian, handsome in his suit & the ever gorgeous Mel in her beautiful custom gown, spend an fairytale day with everyone all dressed up for the occasion.

So from close friends who gave their all to help put all the gorgeous little details together, friends who have become family to Ian & Mel, to family who came from far & wide to celebrate,
it was definitely a wonderful day where two hearts who could not complement each other more, came together to pledge the rest of their lives to each other.

 photo ChristianMelissa007_zps4fefe350.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa042_zps0ad9506f.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa043_zpsa03f36be.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa047_zpsdc7d4f99.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa075_zpsbea3b507.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa082_zps6dd526c5.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa085_zps0726426f.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa090_zps9636304e.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa092_zpsf6571b87.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa103_zps81100343.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa126_zps9dfa696d.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa136_zpsdb361c2d.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa140_zps1e05151c.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa152_zps104ad0f4.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa159_zpsbb14a9a0.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa174_zps8adac231.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa179_zps19fe7bb3.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa183_zpsd02b4fef.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa191_zpsf9099059.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa229_zpse0905b68.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa248_zpsf3af44f8.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa253_zpsb5f81c2d.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa255_zpsd5226b9b.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa262_zps15723c73.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa279_zpsc2a2661a.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa324_zpsda7d8a64.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa329_zps57dfcff0.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa413_zpsf2bf1a4f.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa480_zpsf032a914.jpg
 photo ChristianMelissa506_zpse2c6107c.jpg

 photo ChristianMelissa442_zps00dd6826.jpg

And something a little different to bring a chuckle out of you.
Like the end of many a crazy day of girls all prettied up…
Men, heels hurt! 😛

 photo ChristianMelissa514_zps93d54b52.jpg
Lots of love… 😀

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  1. Dong Fullo says:

    Wonderful photography. One of the bests i’ve seen!

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