In Love? We’d love to spend some time with you!

Chris & U-Shan

We’ve been tasked with a little project for November and we’re looking for all you couples who are deep in love to please come help us out!

Details of our project have to be a little mysterious for now but we are looking forward to the completion of our project, when we get to share what we always aim to do, showcase the love of our couples and the stories that they carry with them.

For now, all we can reveal is that every couple who chooses to spend their precious time & share their stories with us for this project,
will get our full Goli Experience plus some very special captures for their engagement or pre-wedding memories.
That and that there are a very limited number of slots we have available that will allow us to work with you for free.
(Yes, free as in no need to pay, not just free as in available time! 🙂 )

T & J

If you see yourselves ready to have some couple fun with us in mid-November
have no qualms about sharing your love with all our PhotosByMarbles followers,
drop us an email ASAP with the following info…

  • Your Names:
  • Tell us a little about the both of you:
  • Share with us your some of your ideas for the engagement/pre-wedding session you hope to have:
  • Have a couple picture you’d like us to see?
    (This is to up the fun factor for us as we sift through your emails! No points deducted if you don’t include one! 😛 )

Send your emails to with the subject title:
“We’d like to join you in your project!”

We look forward to learning more about you couples & how you would fit perfectly with our project!

<3 Goli!

Yoshi & Mari

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